How to Play Clash of Kings: Introduction for Beginner

how to play clash of kings for beginnerHow to Play Clash of Kings for beginner – Clash of Kings is a game-based RPG and strategy, this game could make the people who play it become addictive. How to play Clash of Kings is similar to other RPG games, but there are some basic differences of every game as the main character, feature and characteristic in the game.


Let’s to the point and introduction how to play Clash of Kings:

  1. Building – this Castle is the most important building. This Castle can be upgraded become bigger and stronger. Higher the Castle level, it’s mean your Castle is more respected by another Castle.
  2. Stable – Stable is used to make troops in the form of cavalry. There are several types of this army. No Heavy Cavalry and Heavy Calvary. And we also can upgrade stable to open other horses army.
  3. Range – this range is used to make the troops in the form of  Archers. one of them is the Crossbow And the same as the previous building, we can upgrade this range and open another type of Archers.
  4. Barrack – this building we can also use to make troops in the form of  swords army and shields, one of them is Militia. And just like the previous building, we can upgrade this Barrack to open another army type sword and shields.
  5. Chariot Plant – Chariot Plant is used to make troops (forces) in form of a Car Wheel, we can upgrade to open another type of car wheels.
  6. Depot – Depot is used to protect our resource (Rice, Wood, Iron and Mithril) we also can upgrade this depot, more higher depot level it means more stronger our resource Protect when our castle attacked by another castle. This building also important to know how to play Clash of Kings.
  7. Collage – Collage is used to research of our strength. Keep on research items in the collage so the level is become a great lord.
  8. Watchtower – Watchtower useful to collect information if we are scouting to other castle, more biger the level, it will be more details about whatever is in the castle that we scouts.
  9. Military Tent – Military Tent is used to add more speed to make the troops (forces) and number of troops (forces) in once training.
  10. Walls – Walls is used so if our castle attacked by another castle is hard to breakable, and this building is important, because before upgrading the castle, certainly you must upgrade the walls first.
  11. Farm is used for getting rice in just a few hours.
  12. Sawmill is used for getting wood in just a few hours.
  13. Iron Mine this Iron Mine is used to get in just a few hours.
  14. Mithril is used for getting Mithril in just a few hours.

So guys, that is some tips to know how to play clash of kings for beginners. Do not forget to comment on the blog Read also how to cheat and hack clash of kings with online generator, it’s really works!